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Where did all my friends go?

Great, now that song is going to be stuck in my head. So after some investigation I can't get comments on galleries. Which, is fine. I might have to make a facebook page or post more on my tumblr to do the whole feedback thing. This site will stand more as a portfolio. 

So, I quit my job at the end of May. It's hard to work at a place that toxic... where they tell you they don't need you and your job is obsolete, but call you in all the time to work more because without you it falls apart. It's a little like saying you don't need food to survive. You might be okay for a little while but the longer you wait the worse it gets. 

I've been much, much healthier since then. 

I ended up winning a pass to E3 so I talked to some people there about how to get into the game industry (which sounds about as bad as the theater industry, so I'll survive). I haven't got a job yet, so I've been using the time to work on art style changes and costuming. LOTS more costuming coming up. First competition on the 10th at the Grove in LA if anyone wants to show up for support. I am nervous as hell.

Comic con was a whirlwind as usual, but since I'm not working it didn't feel like too much for once. I had time to pack and time to unpack and clean. Very smooth.  I think that's everything for now. Just checking in and putting up some pictures. 

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